Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crossing the Atlantic: Part Three

(Yes, this post is out of sync, but I had to wait for the photos. I'll put it in its right place in a little while. So now, you have to imagine I'm back in the Faroe Islands. Which, if you're located anywhere other than the Faroe Islands or Denmark, where I actually am, you might actually think I was anyway).

Once a year, sometimes more often, the Salvation Army in the Faroe Islands is responsible for one television meeting. Every Sunday, at four o'clock, there's an hour long service on the TV from one of the churches on the islands. Nearly every time I go the Faroes I just miss being able to take part in the TV meeting. But this time (I actually didn't know), I managed to be there for it!

I was pretty excited about the whole thing. Fortunately I wasn't doing anything high-profile (other than singing in the choir/playing in the band, so I'd just be able sit back and enjoy it. Which I did for about the first twenty minutes.

We were really getting in to it: the choir had sung twice, we'd had the introductions, a Bible reading and thought, a congregational song - and then the sound guy came in and said: "Sorry we need to do it again. The sound's wrong". We thought he just meant the congregational song we'd just done. But no. He meant the whole thing so far! I felt very sorry for the people who had already spoken really well of the cuff - that's very hard to repeat!

All in all it was a lot of fun in the end. And watching it was pretty cool too - and there were a couple of unintentially funny moments. Hopefully somebody watching it got something from it.

So this can be a picture blog. Enjoy:

The choir kick things off. Again ;)

When these four girls sing together in Faroese, it's stunning. I'm a big fan!

Me giving it some on my euphonium. Concentrating a little too hard here... (but the manuscript was handwritten - that's not easy! That's my excuse).

Me singing away. You may not believe me, but I didn't know the camera was looking at me. If you were to see the full programme, you'd be able to tell that I definitely wasn't able to tell when the camera was looking at me.

Good fun, all round.

In other news, I wanted to find a Faroese book to read in the evenings when I don't feel like reading anything particularly challenging. I've heard a lot about these Twilight books. I'm roughly 100% sure they're not aimed at me, but they've been such a phenomenon, I thought I should have a look, before I can say I don't rate them. When I arrived in the Faroes, I saw that the first book was now available in Faroese, so I'm giving it a go! I'll keep you posted.

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Daniel said...

some day you might have a little extra income by translating twilight books into faroese. ;)